Burgess Source -
The Payment Accountability Platform

Burgess Source provides healthcare payers and ACOs with a forward-thinking enterprise platform to manage your payment rules and workflow. It incorporates business intelligence with real-time dashboards in the cloud to show you the impact of your business decisions. Burgess Source delivers transparency to you, your providers, and your partners, serving as a single source of truth, and a single point of accountability. That’s why we call it the Payment Accountability Platform.

Payment Accountability starts here.

Burgess Source features include:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure with a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model
  • Platform indifference that enables a single instance to connect to multiple claims systems
  • Editing, pricing, auditing, and business intelligence reporting performed in a single pass
  • Medicare, Commercial, and 3rd-party pricing data
  • Complete audit trail to support claims reviews, audits and provider relations teams
  • Enterprise data workflow integration and configuration
  • CMS, clinical, coding, billing, and various 3rd-party rules for institutional and professional claims
  • Advanced real-time analytics with daily and aggregated claims experience
  • Claims reimbursement modeling against multiple “what if” payment configurations
  • HITRUST security framework
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