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The Payment Accountability Platform

Burgess Source® is the first solution to natively bring together claim payment automation with business intelligence. Our platform enables payers with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial lines of business to have better relationships with providers, reduce waste, and improve their financial performance.

Meet Burgess Source

The heart of our solution

Accurate pricing and editing enables you to pay providers in one pass, all based on the most up-to-date data, preloaded and updated continuously. Audit trails track the exact contract terms, edits, rates, version, and related member history used to process every claim, so you can stand by your payments, improve compliance, and answer provider questions with ease.

Powerful analytics tools allow you to see how you are doing, with dashboards and visual reports to supercharge decision making. You can even forecast the impact of changes you’re considering without disrupting the day-to-day.

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Made for users

We’ve thought of the unique challenges people face across departments and built a platform everyone will want to use.

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Built for flexibility

Burgess Source is versatile, giving both network contracting and configuration teams complete control to accommodate each and every unique contract.

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Ready to scale

Our platform is entirely cloud-based and designed to work across lines of business, so you can maintain cohesion across your organization as you grow.

We've always been a service company

We have teams dedicated to delivering an exceptional client experience. From planning to implementation and beyond, you can expect passionate experts. We are there to help you get the most value from your investment, every step of the way — whether configuring, onboarding, training or maintaining.

Burgess Source - The Payment Accountability Platform
“Client relationships are the lifeblood of our business. We owe it to you to support your business, not just our software.” Jared Lorinsky, Burgess Chief Strategy Officer

Lift for people across your organization

Provider Relations

Easily find a claim’s full audit trail to share with a provider


Understand performance and forecast the financial impact of policy changes

Claims Operations

Process more claims correctly the first time, flagging all problems with a claim in a single pass


Stay compliant with changing regulations and easily handle CMS audits

IT & Configuration

Spend less time on manual workarounds and time-intensive updates

Network Contracting

Run ‘what if’ scenarios and predictive models to make informed decisions