Burgess to Speak at AHIP’s 2017 National Conferences on Medicare, Medicaid & Duals

Burgess’s Chief Experience Officer, Jared Lorinsky, will host a speaking session, "Payment Integrity Challenges: How Contemporary Technology and Design Creates Meaningful Change in the Healthcare Industry" at the AHIP's 2017 National Conferences on Medicare, Medicaid & Duals on September 25th.

This session explores the current state of disconnectedness in the American healthcare system, and how a combination of technology, design and strategic business partnerships can reduce costly errors, distress, and shift the focus to collaboration and business intelligence. Attendees will learn what payment integrity entails and how it pertains to their organization and the health care system as a whole. Mr. Lorinsky will demonstrate the pivotal strengths of a unified platform, and how the future of health care can be streamlined and simplified for payers and providers.

Payment Integrity Challenges speaking session
1:35pm – 2:25pm
September 25, 2017

AHIP’s 2017 National Conferences on Medicare, Medicaid & Duals
JW Marriott, Washington D.C.
Burgess: Booth #23
September 25-28

About Burgess

Burgess operates at the intersection of healthcare, finance and technology. Our enterprise software dramatically improves payment integrity, compliance, and financial accuracy for health plans with government programs. With our cloud-based automated claims payment application, reimbursement rates and policies are in production on or before their effective dates. A sophisticated audit trail for each claim includes transmittals and supporting documentation to assist with provider relations while real-time analytics and modeling give your organization meaningful business insights. This unified approach allows clients to make payments with total confidence, and make business decisions with real intelligence. The company is headquartered in Alexandria, VA and online at burgessgroup.com.

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