Accelerate on the Path to Point-of-Service Payments with Smart Workflows and Automation

1.23.2020 | Content includes technology advancements related to intelligent workflow and automation that can bring the healthcare industry closer to accurate point-of-care payments

President and Chief Product Officer Greg Burgess presented “The Path to Point-of-Service Payment Success” during the 2019 AHIP Institute & Expo in Nashville. This session provided a look at how to move the healthcare industry toward a future point-of-service payment structure that providers and beneficiaries seek. Real-time technology and long-term collaboration with providers and partners were discussed to begin this necessary transformation of the payment process.

A series of insights have been created that elaborate on this speaking session. Readers can dive deeper into the advancements in technology that will bring us closer to accurate point-of-care payments.

Download our insight, The Path to Point-of-Service Payment Success: Process Automation and Intelligent Workflow

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