How we work

Burgess is a team of engineers, designers, policy analysts, data scientists, and business leaders who believe thoughtful technology can transform the flow of resources in the American healthcare system.

We march to a different drummer…

A challenger spirit

We are part of the healthcare system and bring technical innovation to the industry.

Optimistic for the future

We believe better payer/provider relationships are truly possible, with the change in the system we can create together.

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Tools for people

We create products that aren't just effective but that people actually enjoy using.

Service as standard

We've always been a service company — we measure ourselves by the health of our relationships.

Our leadership

Greg Burgess

Greg Burgess

President and Head of Product

Greg founded the company in 1997 with a bold vision to improve the American healthcare system by reinventing the way payment data is consumed and leveraged between payers and providers. Combining a background in software engineering with now 28 years of experience in the healthcare industry, he’s focused today on building deep client relationships, innovative products, and a boundary-pushing organization.

George Prior

George Prior

Chief Information Officer

George is Burgess’ Chief Information Officer, responsible for managing the technical side of infrastructure deployment and build out of multi-environment IT systems for clients. He brings almost 30 years of experience working with complex information technology systems in fields ranging from security to communications to real estate.

Jared Lorinsky

Jared Lorinsky

Chief Experience Officer

Jared heads the Burgess Client Experience team. In that role, he ensures that every person interacting with Burgess’ products and teams gets tangible value, strategic consultation, and hands-on service. Before joining Burgess in 2011, Jared led teams at OptumInsight, Ingenix and HSS where he helped clients navigate the intricacies of the healthcare system, building government informatics and transparency systems.