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Payment Accountability starts here

We believe in Payment Accountability: Creating transparency in the healthcare system between payers, providers, and members so they all work better together. What does it take? New solutions that allow payers to deliver accurate, defensible payments to providers in a single pass. Precise audit trails at our fingertips. And business intelligence tools that help payers model and forecast scenarios with confidence.

The healthcare system can be radically better

Disputed healthcare payments cost us billions of dollars every year. Behind the numbers: waste, uncertainty, and frustration. With disparate systems and outdated information, we’re stuck.

At Burgess we’re challenging the status quo by creating technology that helps insurers and ACOs pay providers with confidence and make smarter business decisions.

Solving this piece unlocks resources, and creates new possibilities. Together we can shift the whole healthcare system forward.

A bold solution.
A new standard.

Our platform, Burgess Source®, is the first solution to natively bring together claim payment automation with business intelligence. In this single system you’ll find network configuration, pricing, and editing, along with a complete audit trail of all transactions. Regulatory data keeps you up-to-date, while powerful analytics and predictive modeling help you look ahead.

We work with forward-thinking health insurers and ACOs across the United States

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